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"It's raining hard in Shanghai
in Montreal the weather's fair
Portraits of lovers on the bureau
rose colored satin on a chair
Now somewhere someone's singing
about a love that's been untrue
The sheets feel cool but your fragrance lingers still
I'm thinking of you. . . ."

from The Captain's Blues


Raised in San Francisco, a professional actress in a successful touring repertory company at the tender age of 8 and a veteran of New York soaps in her early 20's, Andrea Louise has been winning the enthusiasm of both audiences and the critics alike with her hybrid of heart-moving ballads, and harder-edged, near-alternative, blues oriented rock.

Her band, Andrea Louise & Friends, has been doing very well in the Los Angeles music scene over the past few years enjoying an open door relationship with some of the most important rooms in L.A. for acoustic artists. They have opened for Spencer Davis at Genghis Cohen Cantina in Hollywood and were recently honored by being invited to participate in the CD release party for the Dave McKelvy Harmonica Trio with Van Dyke Parks and Freebo (Bonnie Raitt's legendary bass player).

While perusing the room at a recent performance, it was very difficult to confine her immediate audience to a narrow demographic, as there was as much enthusiasm shown from the "thirty-something" crowd as there was from the "twenty-somethings" present, many of whom can be found following her every show. Andrea Louise alternatively charms and seduces her audiences with the passion of her performance and the depth and honesty of her material.


"The truth will make you free it's said
and I suppose that's true
But not before it brings you to your knees . . ."

from Nothing Changes


"Certain experiences in life are universal," she says. "The more honest I am about exploring my own experience, the more likely I will strike a common chord in my audience. And that's what music is about for me. Going out on the skinny branches. Connecting with people from a deep (and sometimes dangerous) place . . ."

Besides performing, Andrea has recently completed recording her debut studio CD, So Far, a collection of her own original material as well as covers of some other artists who appear regularly on the Los Angeles music scene. The CD was produced by Burleigh Drummond and herself at his own Tin Drum Studios (where he is simultaneously producing an album for the band he and his wife, Mary Harris front, Tin Drum). Drummond is one of the founding members and still tours with the band Ambrosia and has played drums, percussion and sung on many of Alan Parson's projects as well as with artists as diverse as Frank Zappa, Kenny Loggins, Dave Mason, Andre Crouch and the L.A. Philharmonic to name just a few. Also lending support to the project are such legendary artists as Van Dyke Parks, and Freebo, as well as the Dave McKelvy Harmonica Trio. The other musicians on the album have played for such talents as Dave Matthews, Dan Fogelberg, Ry Cooder, Rickie Lee Jones, Pat Benatar, Frank Zappa, Jimmy Buffett and Brian Wilson, to mention only a few.

Associate Producer on the project is the multi-talented Joseph from the project Windows to Sky, who is presently producing, arranging and playing on an album of his own compositions. Besides sharing in the producing duties on So Far, he also plays 12-string guitar and adds his own style of sophisticated harmonies to the mix with gorgeous results.


"Oh! How her life rushes in . . .
To her lungs
and her sex
and the pores of her skin
Her life rushes in . . ."

from Nobody's Woman


Passion is without question the word that captures the essence of her music as well as her own persona - on stage and off. And when combined with her gift for creating vivid images of events both real and imagined, this talented young woman clearly is earning for herself a prominent position among the vanguard of a movement noted in a recent Time Magazine cover story toward soulful, female troubadours.

"It's nothing new," she says in reference to the Time cover story. "Female and Male musicians who place an emphasis on words and music have always been with us. These are (and have always been) my greatest artistic influences. It's more challenging to me. When you're going for a style where the lyrics are as important as the music, you'd better have something to say . . . "

Andrea Louise is a woman who has a lot to say, and judging from the response of her enthusiastic audiences, we will be hearing from her for a long time to come.


"Trust your heart to my heart
rest yourself in my arms
for the night.
Let your spirit be free,
when it's just you and me,
it's alright.
it's alright."

from Heartsong


Andrea Louise may be contacted thru:
Tea-Shirt Productions
P.O. Box 4561
North Hollywood, CA 91617-4561


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