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Bye Bye Bush

(a song for a paper cowboy)


Well, it's time, my dear
that you were out of here
You've imposed upon our patience far too long
You barged in without an invite
and stole someone else's place
and expect us not to see you don't belong.

Well maybe where you come from
that's the way these things are done
And you figured we'd accept that
but that's where you figured wrong.
Bye bye.


Bye bye
Bye Bye
Bye Bye
Bye Bye Bush

Here's your hat
there's the door
You don't live here anymore
Bye Bye.


You think it's heaven sent
they made you President
and you're acting like a bully to this day

You've antagonized our enemies
been hostile to our friends
And lied without remorse to have your way.

You may think the rules you swore to serve
do not apply to you
So we're throwing your ass out of here
to demonstrate they do.
Bye bye


Bye bye
Bye bye
Bye bye
Bye bye Bush

Pick a fight
Say a prayer
Just do it anywhere but here
Bye bye.



A couple hundred years ago
some guys worked day and night
And they drew up a bill that said
all people had the right
To worship, speak and to pursue
what matters to them most
(If they could) see how you dishonor them
*They'd* tell you adios [spoken by chorus: A- di- os!]

It seems you have no shame
to you it's all a game
that you've proven you'll do anything to win

To fill the pockets of your friends
you pollute the earth and sky
And send our children off to war
to satisfy a lie

And you haven't got the decency
to shed a single tear
We can't take another day of you
we want you out of here.
Bye bye


Bye bye
Bye bye
Bye bye
Bye bye Bush

Pack your greed
Pack your pride
Cowboy, saddle up and ride.
Bye bye

Yeah, we're giving you the sack
because we want our county back
Bye bye


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