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So far

So far. The distance we've all traveled (both in our music and our lives) since we began the journey of creating this collection of songs for you and (hopefully) the distance we have all yet to travel together. If you have been journeying with us - - coming to our shows and other musical gatherings - - we thank you for your delicious company and your unflagging enthusiasm and support. If this collection is your introduction to our little musical family, welcome. We encourage you to remove your shoes, your cares, your preconceptions, your inhibitions, and any other little thing you find cumbersome and make yourself at home. We hope you will find something here to satisfy your appetites, your imagination, the yearnings of your heart . . Your pleasure is truly our pleasure as well. You're the reason we get to do this thing we love with people we admire and adore. You make our lives a song . . . )


Final Thank You's

Produced by: Burleigh Drummond & Andrea Louise
Associate Producer: Joseph of Windows to Sky
Recorded at: Tin Drum Studios, Thousand Oaks CA, Burleigh Drummond, Engineer
Mixed by: Burleigh Drummund, Andrea Louise,
Joseph of Windows to Sky
and Larry Treadwell at Tin Drum Studios,
Three Fire Island Studios, Los Angeles, CA,
and Simple Roger Music Studios, Sun Valley, CA
Mastered By: Ross Pallone, Rossaround Productions
Preproduction: Joey Alkes, Andrea Louise
Additional Studio Support: Daniel Colman at AnEFX Studios
Graphics: David Fortin
Text Editing: Teresa Frost, Joseph of Windows to Sky
Front Cover Painting: Beverly Willenberg
Webmaster: Danny Wilson
Photography: Wendy Berna
Back Cover Photo: Mara
Catering: Barney

Thanks to Sierra & Mickey Drummond for entertaining us in the studio and for the generous use of their parents and

Extra special thanks (in order of appearance) to: Teresa Frost, Ken Rokos, Burleigh Drummond, Larry Treadwell, and Joseph of Windows to Sky for support far and away beyond what these credits can even suggest. There is no way this could have been done without you.

2003 Andrea Louise / Teashirt Productions/ BMI All Rights Reserved


Special thanks: Diane, Chanti and Rocky Burnette, Mark Humphreys, Andrew Lorand, Kyle Mann, John M., Penni Merrick and Just Plain Folks, Liz Redwing, Betsy Reynolds, Kevin Rock and Pink Cadillac Entertainment, Sue Sheridan, Jerry Simpson, Amilila K. Spicer, John Strother, Jenny Treadwell, Ed Warnecke, David Wilcox;

Nagging: Albert, Bandari, Jeff Fenner, David Meyer, Kevin Schwartz;

Coaching: Roger Burnley (vocals), Susan Streitweiser (harmony), Roy Zimmerman (guitar), Lynn Simonson and Robert Graham (for tuning and training the whole instrument)

Venue Homes: Ray Kui, J.T. Genghis Cohen Cantina, The Coffee Gallery Backstage, Mark Phillips/The Basement Coffee House, Steve, Nancy & Deirdre/Sonoma Blue, Kulaks Woodshed and a huge thank you to Tom Ianniello and everyone connected to The Iguana Cafe and Exile Books and Music;

Legal Eagles: Tom Hall, Chuck Hurewitz, Cathy Tabor, Al Schwartz, Steve Plinio and Danny Hayes;

Eaglets: Cheryl Beck, Heather Fields and Leslie Wallake;

And: Monty and Betsy Berna and Bernas Computer Shop; McCabes Guitar Shop, Blue Ridge Pickin' Parlor,

Kith and Kin: Paul, Melissa & Ivy Anderson, Theodora Smidt, Ray Smidt & Polly Yount Smidt;

T-Shirt People: Rob Cranny, Teresa Frost, Ed Munter, Chuck Sciba, William Seigh;

Sanity Clauses: Lois & Bill Wilson, Eleanor Savalas, Lulu and Domino;

Artist Waying: Orchid Black, Tracy Berna, Fred Davis, John Gilbert, Ken Rokos and of course Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan;

Archangels: Ken Rokos, M. Ray Smidt, Jr.;

Angels: Teresa Frost, Joseph of Windows to Sky; Akio and Karen Patrick, Chuck Sciba;

Cherubs: Seema Nene Burke, Peter Henry, Suisun Swinegar;

Band Astrologer: Teresa Frost (the band is an Aquarius with a Libra Rising, just in case you were wondering)

Booking/Contact Info:
Teashirt Productions
P.O. Box 4561
Valley Village, CA 91617-4561
(818) 719-5932

All songs copyright 2003 Andrea Louise (Hunny Jar Songs BMI) except:

Falling Down: c. 1995 Earl Grey (Shadowall Productions BMI)
Let Go Moses: c. 1995 Paul Nelson (Easy Shabbas Music BMI) and Sue Fink (Terre Music ASCAP)
That's Where I'll Meet You: c. 1997 Music: Anna Ferraro (Annapiana Music BMI); Lyrics: Anna Ferraro and Andrea Louise

All Rights Reserved.

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