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(I've got a) Weakness
(for R.W.H.)

A touch of silk - the scent of musk
A glass of vapor sparkling at dusk
I only crave the finest stuff.
From Silverlake to Timbuktu
I'm called the girl most likely to . . . . . . succeed.
I've got exactly what I need.

But I cannot erase
the image of your face
The thrill of your embrace
I've got a weakness . . .

A breath of song - a poet's touch
A glance that lingers long enough to taste . . .
a brief caress behind my waist.
With neatly poised alacrity
you're causing my defenses to recede
My will is bending like a reed.

And the boys I knew before
Don't seem to move me anymore
It's you I feel this craving for.
I've got a weakness.

Ooh Ooh Ooh the things you do . . .
Ooh Ooh Ooh . . . Ooh

Thought I was finished with this dance
but now I'm found in circumstances like these
Darlin' you've brought me to my knees

There's no mountain I can't move
No strength of will I've left to prove
But when I try resisting you . . .
I've got a weakness.

Lead Vocal:
          Andrea Louise

          Leo Valenzuela

          Larry Treadwell

12 String Guitar:
          Joseph of Windows to Sky

          Burleigh Drummond

          David McKelvy

          Richard Hardy

          Mary Harris, Burleigh Drummond,
          Tracy Berna, Larry Treadwell
          Barry Keys, Joseph of Windows to Sky

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