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The Invisible Sea mp3 Clip


The Invisible Sea

Pregnant sky hanging low
and it feels like it's spitting,
And I laugh at the thought
that it seems somehow fitting . . .
Faceless shapes in the mist
rolling silently past me;
Shadow palms loom beside
an invisible sea.

Each cold kiss of the rain
harkens images to me,
Through the mists of our past
like some haunting refrain;
When the taste of my lips
on your kisses would linger;
Trembling sighs rose and fell
an invisible sea.

I'm haunted by echoes of thundering hearts
where primitive drums beat through slippery skin
Our tale is rewritten; our song goes unsung
there remains but the sound and the chill of the sea.

They say time always heals,
and I want to believe it;
I'm told faith is a gift,
well, I'm here to receive it.
As the day slips away,
and the night falls around me,
Through the mist I can hear
the invisible sea.

As the day slips away,
and the shadows surround me,
Through the mist I can hear
the invisible sea
I remain just to hear
the invisible sea . . .

Lead Vocal:
          Andrea Louise

          Anna Ferraro

          Richard Hardy

          Mary Harris

Acoustic Bass:
          Mick Mahan

          Burleigh Drummond

          Tracy Berna
          Joseph of Windows to Sky

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