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Thanks so much for sending your terrific music my way. I was honored to play my (accordion) on a couple of tunes -- but now that I hear the whole collection, it gives me the total picture. Will treasure this disc for all time. Truly!

Van Dyke Parks

Singer-songwriter Andrea Louise, whose little band of fabulous musical gypsies known as “Andrea’s Living Room (Bus & Truck)” has become somewhat of an L.A. landmark, certainly took her sweet time about releasing her debut CD “So Far,“ but the singer proved the wisdom of the tortoise and the hare fable. The long awaited album was well worth the wait! Produced by herself and Burleigh Drummond of Ambrosia and Alan Parson note, and Joseph of Windows to Sky, “So Far“ is a wonderfully moving collection of crafted tunes and virtuoso performances.

Among Louise’s many contributors are the likes of such world-class players and musical minds as Van Dyke Parks, David McKelvy, Richard Hardy, Larry Treadwell, Anna Ferraro and Freebo. In fact, pianist Ferraro also co-authored, with Louise, one of the album’s crowning numbers, “That’s Where I’ll Meet You,” where the singer suggests an ability to reach beyond good to moments of greatness. It is always the mark of a successful musical collection that the mention of specific tunes is inadequate to the task of describing the value of the complete work. That being the case everyone has favorites. Mine are, besides “That’s Where …,” “Nothing Changes,” “Kiss, Kiss” and “Let Go Moses,” which is the only song she covers on the CD, proving Louise’s dedication to the art and not just her own advancement.

“So Far“ is not just a listen to, but a buy and keep in my book.

Joey Alkes
Of DJ Monkey and co-author of The Plimsouls and Goo Goo Dolls’ “Million Miles“.


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