Andrea Louise
& Friends


The Band

All of these players and friends are still known (and oh so welcome) to appear at any show at any time (without any warning . . .

don’t you just love surprises? We sure do . . .)

Please click on the links to their bios and/or other projects, won’t you?



Esteemed Guests

Andrea Louise (vocals/guitar)

Tracy Berna (vocals/co-writer)

Kira & Casey Arrillaga
(vocals & chapman® stick)

Ray Davidson (vocals/electric bass/guitar)

Anna Ferraro

Michael Burton (chord harmonica)

Burleigh Drummond (drums/ percussion)

Earl Grey (guitar/vocals/co-writer)

Fred Davis (vocals)

Richard Hardy

B. Lawrence (Barry) Keys (vocals/keyboards)

Mary Harris-Drummond

Joseph (from Windows to Sky)
(vocals/12 string guitar/co-writer)

John McNally (bass/drums/percussion)

Dave Fortin (bass/vocals/trumpet/guitar)

David McKelvy (harmonica)

Paul Nelson (guitar/vocals)

Freebo (electric bass/tuba)

Jean Sudbury (strings)

Mick Mahan
(electric & acoustic bass/vocals)

Larry Treadwell (all guitars,
mandolin, and whatever else he can
get his fingers around)

Van Dyke Parks (accordion)

Danny Wilson (bass harmonica)


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