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   July 25, 2007



Hello radio listeners!

(and those who might become that.)

Thursday night
July 26, 2007
there will be a re-broadcast of the gig

Andrea Louise & Friends

did with

Windows to Sky

last Saturday at Hallenbecks General Store
in North Hollywood, California

and we’ll be re-broadcasting twice!

once at 5:30pm Pacific Time (8:30pm East Coast Time)
and once at 8:30pm PT (11:30pm ET)

so basically, you can tune in at 5:30 and/or 8:30 if you're on the west coast
and 8:30 and/or 11:30 if you’re on the east coast…

and if you’re “across the pond” … um… that would mean the first broadcast
is at 1:30am (I think) and the second would be at 4:30am…
A perfect show for later stayer-uppers or early risers?



andrea louise, david fortin, evelyn trester, and joseph sing and play
a set of all original songs! for the first 45 minutes of the show!



kat, jessica, ryan, sally, and joseph sing and play a set of
all original songs! for the last 60 minutes of the show.
(and hear me doing special guest harmony on a song I wrote with
joseph, tracy berna and casey arrillaga) during the windows to sky set!



live with performers and fellow listeners! for the whole darn thing. Really!



absolutely nothing, because it's an audio-only rebroadcast.


and YES it will maybe still work if you are on a dialup modem.

Here is where you click to listen:


read the nice things that were said about the show by
people who were actually there last Saturday night!


“You were great! I'm glad I finally got the chance to see and hear
you sing [“Paradise”} live. It was a really charming venue, too, made
especially warm and cozy by all the neat people both onstage and in
the audience.”
SS attended the show live


“Sat. night was great. I knew you had the voice of an angel but
watching you perform was amazing. We had a wonderful time!!!. Were
supposed to pick up the grandsons at 10 or so for a sleep over. [my
husband was] enjoying Joseph's playing so much he called and
postponed it so we could stay … and enjoy Joseph's group Windows to
Sky. Had to do a LOT of “Kiss Kiss” yesterday but am Nana in good
standing again. While I baked he downloaded you CD to his computers
and mine before putting it in his truck. He enjoyed listening to you
sing more than he does Carole King!! In this world that is Huge.
Can't wait for the next show!!”
MP attended the show live


“It was the usual measure of fun, entertainment and good times!”
LJ attended the show live


“It was beautiful annie”
JW (watching on the Net in Tennessee)




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