Andrea Louise, an up-and-coming performer on the burgeoning local singer/songwriter circuit will be the first artist to perform at the newly remodeled and expanded Iguana Cafe in North Hollywood.

The Iguana has launched many successful music careers and has provided an avenue of expression for countless performers who don't fit into the narrow confines of many music venues. Owner Tom Iannello describes the venue as the "World's Smallest Theme Park."

[NOTE: Among those who have performed at the Iguana are artists such as Viggo Mortensen, John Prine, Exene Cervenka, and Peter Case.]

"This is a very special room to a lot of artists. It's one of the few rooms in town where people come to really listen to the poetry and lyrics being performed on stage and Tom is very supportive of the people who perform here," said Andrea Louise, who will perform on Saturday.

A native of Mill Valley, Andrea Louise grew up in the rich artistic environment of the San Francisco Bay area. Having grown up singing in the local church choir, she later embarked on a career as an actress before returning to her first love: music.

Andrea Louise currently is working on her debut CD, tentatively called "Heartsongs." She says she is hoping the independent release will be available by Christmas. A strong fan base is forming already.

"There are already a number of college and commercial radio stations who have been pressing me for something they can play on the air," she said. "It's very exciting to go into the studio knowing that there is already an audience waiting to play what we come up with."

What she has come up with is an engaging blend of music with influences that touch on everything from Sheryl Crow to the Beatles to John Coltrane. Her lilting voice entwines lush, arcing melodies and her songs are rich in mythic imagery and dreamy metaphor.

Although she insists many of the songs are deeply personal, Andrea Louise's material touch on universal themes and emotions.

"If there is any underlying theme in my material, it's that of relationships and hope. The human heart has the most incredible capacity to sustain the impact of all kinds of experiences, to learn and grow from them, and eventually move one. If there's any kind of message here it's that we're stronger than we give ourselves credit for," she said.

She likes the intimacy afforded by the "unplugged" environment. "Words and music is what this sound is all about," she said. "Without screaming electric guitars to obscure the vocals, you damned well better have something to say . . ."

While much of her energies are focused on recording her album, it is performing live and the communal experience it provides that she loves best. "We establish a relationship with the audience that is very real and very important to us," she said. "That's what's cool about music. The audience and the band create this thing together."

Interested music fans will have a chance to see her live Saturday, at 9 pm, at the Iguana Café.

Brian Holguin, The Burbank Leader




Blues-rooted singer-songwriter Andrea Louise, who we met (and have yet to forget) at the first "Women In Blues" benefit in Northridge. Besides being a talented singer and skilled songwriter, she's a sweetheart of a lady, too. Our favorite tune by Ms. Louise is "Kiss Kiss," a cute, tongue-in-cheek song about kissing up to the powers-that-be in the music biz that shows how much the truth can hurt...even when it sounds as good as this tune does! Andrea Louise is reachable by phone at (818) 719-5932; and by E-Mail at

Doug Deutsch, L.A.Jazz Scene



Pirate A&R

On Sunday night, Genghis Cohen Cantina and Restaurant will host one of the most uplifting musical troupes in the city of Los Angeles. Led by the enigmatic and talented Andrea Louise, various virtuosos from such bands as The Dave Matthews Band, The Alan Parsons Project, Ry Cooder and Rickie Lee Jones’ bands perform her songs of love, life and universal experience. Often when you say an artist or movie is uplifting, people will misunderstand the concept and assume a shallowness of feeling. In Louise’s case, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Despite an early success as an actress in New York, she has maintained her sincerity, as well as her attraction to the real lives that are truly the foundation of real and pertinent musical art. Ms. Louise is backed by such notable musicians as Richard Hardy (Dave Matthews, Rickie Lee Jones, Carol King) on alto and soprano sax, clarinet and flute, Dave McKelvy (Ry Cooder, Peter Case, Brian Wilson) on assorted harmonicas, Burleigh Drummond (Ambrosia, Alan Parsons Project, Frank Zappa’s Mothers of Invention) on drums and percussion, Anna Ferraro and Barry Keys (Mike Post, Bruce Broughton) on Keyboards (yes friends, there are two keyboards in this act), Paul Nelson (who wrote “Steppin’ Out” for the hit film “Usual Suspects”) on guitar, and known comic writer and stand up Tracy Berna (who presently writes for Weird Al Yankovic) doing back-up vocals and occasional solo verses.

Louise weaves folk, blues, gospel and pop into an integrated and passionate expression of her unique musical being. Pop songs such as “Nothing Changes” and “Cinderella’s Song,” and ballads such as “Heartsong” and the Ferraro co-written “That’s Where I’ll Meet You,” assure future airplay for her debut CD presently in progress. But, it is the biting, satirical “Kiss, Kiss,” and the deeply moving spiritual “Let Go Moses,” written by Nelson, with accomplished songstress Sue Fink, that assures Living Room Bus and Truck a Window on greatness.

Audiences are often swept up by the informal cordiality of the Living Room settings, the constant non-sequitur cameo appearances, and the vulnerable and candid heat Andrea Louise herself possesses and so generously shares. Eclectic enough to be described as a mix between Suzanne Vega and Gracie Slick, this Bay area native has developed a ground-swell of interest recently. The Genghis show marks the beginning of her spring performance schedule which is designed to expand Andrea Louise’s Living Room Bus & Truck’s horizons, while introducing them to a wider geographic audience.

Livingroom Truck & Bus likes to establish a relationship that is very real..... “The audience and the band create the thing together.” To that end, Andrea Louise, Nelson, Ferraro and company permit a revolving, as well as, an evolving parade of fans and friends to participate in the performances on stage. One of the more pertinent fans is renown L.A. poet Orchid Black, whose collection of poetry, “The Naked Girl,” is one of the most powerful collections making its way round the L.A. scene today. Orchid is often a guest inside the Bus & Truck performance.

“If there is any underlying theme in my material, it’s that of relationships and hope,” she said in an interview with The Burbank Leader, not too long ago. Further, she explains, “The human heart has the most incredible capacity to sustain the impact of all kinds of experiences, to learn and grow from them, and eventually to move on. If there is any kind of message here it’s that we are stronger than we give ourselves credit for.”

Andrea Louise’s songs are rich with metaphor, perception, a sense of humor, and an unconditional love for the journey she finds herself upon.